Welcome to Loofi Sports !

We are pleased to introduce our company as one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of Leather Gloves Range and Sports Gloves.
We have a wide range of products of all the above mentioned Gloves Range, We are wiling to make items according to the customers required logos and specifications.

Production planning and control:
We have a distinguished production setup.In order to meet the quality & service standards we have skilled and professional workforce with us. We deal all orders with great importance providing quality standards in our whole production system from arrangment of raw material to dispatching the finished
goods to the cutomer.
As it is said Quality Cant be inspected but manufactured we follow the same.

Research & Development:
We have a motto of constant development in all of our product lines.This is the reason of our product development and improvement.Customer suggestions and feed backs have been the main source of information for our R&D department.

Social policy:
We at Loofi Sports are committed with dedication to condemn child labor, Forced labor and discrimination, improve employment conditions and compensate our employees, We provide a safe and healthy environment for our employees.

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